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Taking the SAT is a skill that can learned and polished.  We teach test-taking strategies as well as target student's focus areas for math and grammar skills.  With practice, every student can improve his or her scores!


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The SAT is given seven times per year.  When you're deciding which SAT date to sign up for, be sure to consider the deadlines for materials being received by the colleges to which you're applying. 

The October and even November dates can work for seniors who want another chance (or two) to improve their scores.  Most colleges will accept the October and November dates for early application deadlines.  Check with your specific college to be sure.

So when should your student begin studying? With flexible schedules, we can get most students prepared in a short time if the student is willing to put in the preparation time.  However, most students will benefit from a longer preparation time, meeting once per week for the eight weeks or so before their test date.  

Below are some scheduling guidelines.  Feel free to download and print this chart for future use!  (The ACT chart is on the ACT page.)

We teach an array of strategies in our proprietary curriculum which covers an overview of the test, global SAT strategies, and targeted content mastery.  Susan Powers, founder, has developed our strategies and the curriculum over years of tutoring; she constantly updates it to reflect the latest information about the test.  We use practice materials of our own plus some hand-selected materials from other major and boutique test prep companies. Our tutors take a toolbox approach, fitting the best strategies to the student.  Since different materials work better for different students, we match the books your students uses to his or her needs.

Generally, we cover all the material over 8 two-hour sessions over eight weeks. We can also extend or condense that timing according to your student's needs. Students who want signficant content area tutoring should allow addiitonal time for additional sessions and practice.  Like learning any new skill, mastery of the SAT requires practice; your student should count on working 20-30 minutes every day to see measurable changes in his or her score.

Your student will take a minimum of three practice tests: one before we begin to focus our work together, one about mid-way, and one about a week before the test date.

Fees for one-on-one tutoring for full SAT preparation are $1,999 including custom-selected teaching and practice materials for your student.

If you'd like to gather a small group to work together, we offer a discount: $1,599 per student. Groups of two or three students can work really well as students motivate each other and help with questions in between sessions, plus it can make it more fun!

If your student just needs one or a few sessions to brush up on test strategies or particular content areas, we help with that too - just ask about pricing.

We also offer tutoring in a classroom setting.  Click here to learn more about upcoming SAT classes!


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