"We received your sweet note in yesterday's mail.  Proud to report that Alexa's ACT score went up THREE points!"

"Max got a 34 composite on his ACT!  Please tell Elizabeth and Russell thank you! 


"I know Grant improved dramatically over what he would have done without your help.  His score is high enough to get in and get merit scholarships at the only college he is interested in!"

"I just got back my SAT scores and I got a 720 critical reading, 680 math, and 680 writing with an 11 on my essay (2080 overall).  I just wanted to thank you for the help and for bumping up my score over 100 points!" 


"Nathan was so happy to get his score up and he couldn't have done it without you!  I think the time he spent with you will help him greatly in his college life!"


"I can't say enough good things about your tutor.  Matt was comfortable with her and I know he trusted and respected her coaching, instruction, and approach.  It was ... an individualized, focused approach that Matt could really learn from without feeling overwhelmed.  I know he gained more insight and targeted help in the 4 sessions [focused on Reading and Writing] with your tutor than in months of a group prep class.

On the ACT, he scored a composite score of 34 with a 35 in English and a 35 in Reading.  On the SAT, Matt had a perfect 800 in Math, 710 in Writing with a 10 on the essay (up 80 points) and a 680 in Reading (up 70 points).  Total score was a 2180, so a total of 150 points in Reading and Writing.

With these new test scores, he is well within range for some of his most competitive colleges.  We are so pleased and feel very blessed.  [T]he dollars we paid Woodlands Test Prep could be repaid many times over in scholarship opportunities."

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