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What your neighbors are saying…

  • My son was amazed at how much he learned with just one meeting! He said he finally understood things that he been struggling with for so long. Thank you guys so much!

  • Nathan was so happy to get his score up, and he couldn't have done it without you! I think the time he spent with you will help him greatly in his college life!

  • How many ways can I say thank you for your amazing test prep services? On her first try, our daughter was able to raise her SAT score almost 200 points from her PSAT score!!! Whatever your magic formula is, it is working!

  • Susan and the tutors at Woodlands Test Prep were sharp, caring, and just what our children needed. Susan came to our home, and we talked through the children's preliminary SAT scores. We discussed their ultimate goals and identified where they needed help. The tutors worked with our children, quickly understood their unique needs and personalities, and tailored work to bring up their scores. And the results? Both children were National Merit Scholarship finalists, and both were accepted to top 10 universities in early admission.

  • I know Grant improved dramatically over what he would have done without your help. His score is high enough to get in and get merit scholarships at the only college he is interested in!

  • Oliver definitely couldn't have achieved his 1500 super score on the SAT without Will's help. I could see from even the first session that Will was really making a difference and helping Oliver improve. Will has a wonderful manner that made Oliver feel comfortable.  Will is a gem!

  • Will was great with my daughter and provided some critical test taking strategies. Her ACT score was much higher than expected based on her PSAT scores. I know Will's tutoring is the reason for that!

  • I can't say enough good things about your tutor.  Matt was comfortable with her and I know he trusted and respected her coaching, instruction, and approach.

  • With these new test scores, he is well within range for some of his most competitive colleges.  We are so pleased and feel very blessed.  The dollars we paid Woodlands Test Prep could be repaid many times over in scholarship opportunities.

  • Will is such a breath of fresh air - intelligent, insightful, confident. It’s a huge relief to my husband and I to have him working with our son.

  • I'm thankful for your knowledge that helped [my daughter] achieve National Merit, but more than that, the selfless dedication of your personal time that you invested in her was priceless.

  • I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the amazing service! My daughter took one-on-one tutoring this summer to raise her ACT score to get accepted to A&M. She met with an amazing tutor (Russel) once a week who coached her, and then she also took the practice test available through your organization before taking the ACT a second time. Thanks to her score, as well as other aspects of her application, she is now going to be Texas A&M Class of 2026!

  • The return on investment was outstanding, as her backup school was even offering her $3,000/year renewable for four years due to her ACT score and her class rank. For anyone wondering if your service is worth the cost, please let them know it was for us

  • Russell has been such a big help in teaching the [AP Chemistry] material. I don't think she would have made it through without him. Thank You!

  • Thank you so much!! I cannot fully express how appreciative we are with the incredible results you have produced for both of my sons.

  • Will did a fantastic job explaining and breaking down problems and teaching us alternates to work through the test to overall increase our speed and our scores.

  • I really appreciated the hard work that you tutor did for my son. Amazing. He got a composite score of 33. Math-31, Science-33, English 31 and Reading 35. In the abbreviate course we focused on English and Reading. Raised English from 25 to 31 and Reading to 35. I think he was kidding but said he wanted to take it again to get 34 by focusing this time on Math and Science. I doubt he will but your tutor really inspired him!

  • Jenifer's overall attitude and the way she teaches was very comforting! She really made it so that as a small group everyone would get the chance to be comfortable to help one another about how to do the strategies. The pacing also felt just right and the explanations were on point as well. The amount of encouragement of how we needed to practice on our own time was really nice as well. I looked forward to going to her class quite a lot.

  • My SAT score improved by over 700 points! Russell was sooo good!

  • I just want to tell you…Jack absolutely LOVES this workshop!!! He talks nonstop all the way home about it.

  • I just wanted to let you know that my son received a 1590 on the December administration of the SAT. Thank you for everything you have done for our kids. We will recommend you to everyone.

  • Susan was amazing at asking everyone their personal goals and what they struggled on and what they need help.

  • Jumped from 1300 to almost 1530, extremely impressed by the tricks I learned. ~Student in Class of 2024

  • I hit my goal score of 32 on the February ACT! Thank y'all for all the help along the way! The work y'all put into developing me as a test taker paid off big time in my score, so thank you! I highly doubt I'll do more test prep or even take the ACT again. Thank you again! ~February 2023 ACT Student

  • My son went from a 24 first practice test to a 27 for first actual ACT to a 29 on his 2nd ACT. We are very happy!

  • My daughter really liked Dom! Dom gave her a lot of tips for the math section (which she needed to improve the most). She raised her math section score by 90 points!!!! And this is the first time she actually finished the whole test on time. She has achieved a score to make the schools she wants to go well within her reach. We will definitely be using you for my younger daughter, rising Sophomore.

  • Adel has been a great tutor for me. He was explained concepts in a way that my teacher does not which makes my physics class much easier. He is able to simplify the material in a way that makes it less complex and easy to comprehend. He is very good at making sure I understand and does not mind taking an entire session to make sure I 100 percent know what is going on.

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Susan Powers and her team of tutors provides the highest quality one-on-one test prep and academic tutoring. We look forward to discussing your student’s individual needs and working with you to instill the confidence and skills needed to fulfill your student’s goals.

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