2022 National Merit Commended Scores Established

By Susan Powers

April 30, 2021

The National Merit Commended cutoff for the class of 2022 was recently unofficially announced at 207 - two points lower than last year’s class of 2021 level and the lowest number in the last ten years.  The lower cutoff reflects the significant drop in the number of students who were able to take the PSAT in October and January.

While the Commended cutoff dropped significantly, one cannot conclude that the Semifinalist cutoff for Texas will also drop.  The Commended cutoff is calculated nationally, while the Semifinalist cutoff is calculated by state.  Due to all the moving pieces, we will still have to wait until September to learn how it all works out for the class of 2022.  Right now, we predict that the Semifinalist cutoff score for Texas for the class of 2022 will be somewhere between 217 - 221.  We will update you in late August/early September as Semifinalist numbers become known.

About the Author:  Susan Powers is the founder of Woodlands Test Prep and a renowned test prep expert.  She focuses on delivering the most up to date testing information to students, taking both the SAT and ACT twice a year.