The Digital SAT: A Brave, New Frontier

The Digital SAT: A Brave, New Frontier

Revised September 27, 2022

The College Board announced that the SAT will be going digital in March 2024, and the PSAT will be going digital in October 2023.  As if *that* isn’t big enough news, they are also changing the format substantively to be more student-friendly.

Update: The first widely available practice test is available! Click here to download the app and check out the new format!

So What’s Changing?


  • Same scoring format, equal to current scores
  • Shorter overall test time – approximately 2 hours instead of 3.25 hours
  • Adaptive scoring – performance on the first section of topic affects the difficulty of the second section
  • Much more time per question
  • No more long reading passages
  • Built in graphing calculator for ALL math questions


  • Moving to an all-digital format – bring your own device or use one of the College Board’s
  • Students will install the testing app prior to testing day
  • Digital PSAT will be the same as the Digital SAT in structure
  • Much faster score receipt – in days rather than weeks
  • Accommodations will be handled in the digital environment
  • National test dates will remain unchanged; more choices for School Day dates

Overall, the changes are good for students!

When Is All This Happening?

What Does That Mean For My High School Student?

What Questions Are Still Out There About All This?

  • Will the College Board stick to their announced timeline?  We think yes.  In insider presentations, they’ve had a lot of opportunity to plan and test and are very confident, and they are continuing to deliver on their announced deadlines.
  • Will digital SAT scores be equal to current SAT scores (and the concorded ACT scores)?  The College Board says yes.  We shall see how colleges view it and whether colleges will allow super scoring between paper and digital versions.
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