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AP Tutoring

Taking an AP test is a skill that can be learned and polished. We teach test-taking strategies and review commonly tested content areas to give students the tools they need to excel on these tests. With practice and hard work, all students can improve their scores!

We carefully pair your student with a tutor who specializes in that particular AP test. Each of our tutors has the heart of teacher: empathetic and invested in your student’s success. But more: they are experienced tutors who have demonstrable expertise in both the AP test and the subject matter.

AP tests are a unique hybrid of content intensity and testing strategies. We help your student with both important parts so they can be successful!




We create a tailored work plan for your student, including timed tests using official materials.  We can schedule one or a series of sessions, depending on your student’s needs.  Each session is $125/hour; we recommend two hour sessions so real progress can be made.

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