In conjunction with Concordia Lutheran High School, Woodlands Test Prep is offering an opportunity to take an ACT official practice test.  

The test will begin at 8:00am on Saturday, March 26th at Concordia Lutheran High School and will use materials from the ACT, Inc.  Please allow four hours for the test.  (Testing with extended time is available with alternate arrangements.  If you qualify for extended time on the ACT, please email here to make other arrangements to take it with extended time.) 

We can provide an online testing environment for any students who would prefer that.  If testing online, each student will be emailed the link to the online testing session and a copy of the test and bubble sheet to print out at home.  

Whether online or in-person, each student will need to have pencils, a calculator, and a snack handy as well.  Check to be sure your calculator is approved for use on the ACT here.

We will score the tests and return a detailed score report to you with suggestions on how to improve your scores.

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