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We've been getting tons of questions on how we’re meeting, where we’re meeting, will there be cancellations, etc.  Here is a short summary of our current plans and policies in these turbulent times.

We plan to begin meeting in person beginning in January at a different than usual location which allows for outside air.  Our classrooms will have doors open to the outside; everyone will be required to wear masks (not neck gaiters) that cover both their nose and mouth; and tables will be spaced far apart.

If we are unable to meet in person, we will switch to meeting via Zoom.  We conducted classes via Zoom in the spring, and they were awesome: almost perfect attendance as well as our excellent and usual score increases!  

We will continue to offer any students who need or want to attend live via Zoom.  We know that different families have different needs and sometimes schedules conflict.  

Whether we are meeting in-person or via Zoom, students will be able to watch the class recording for the days in between classes.  Make-up classes and review sessions are easy!!


We are striving to find the best solution for our students, staff, and everyone's families and will be continuously re-evaluating these policies.  

Thank you to all of our team, our families, our students, their families, and our whole community for continuing to work together to think outside the box and meet everyone's needs.  Here's to a fantastic 2021!


COVID Meeting Location Update