• Each of our tutors has thousands of hours of tutoring under their belt (really though, we counted), giving our tutors the experience to work with students of every level and accomodation.

Woodlands Test Prep isn't your average tutoring company.


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  • Our tutors have superior academic and teaching credentials.
  • We carefully select our tutors, evaluating them for compassionate teaching skills, superior academic mastery, and being just plain fun!
  • Plus, our tutors think school is fun!
  • Our test prep team tutors score near-perfect or perfect scores on every section of every test, so you stay with the same tutor through the whole process, allowing them get to know your learning style and deliver the best instruction possible.
  • Every one of our tutors has the heart of a teacher and loves what they do.
  • We have the smallest max student to teacher ratios of any test prep class in The Woodlands.  
  • Woodlands Test Prep is constantly researching and refining the best test prep materials.  In addition to our proprietary curiculum, each student recieves industry-leading practice materials and uses only official practice tests.

Woodlands Test Prep isn't your average group of tutors. 

  • Woodlands Test Prep has specialized in the SAT, PSAT, and ACT for 11 years.  We are the experts on these tests.  
  • Over the past 4 years, our test prep team's average individual test score (not super score) on the SAT was a 1570 and on the ACT was a 35.
  • Our entire test prep team takes both the ACT and SAT every single year to ensure that we stay sharp and up to date on the latest trends in the tests.

The Woodlands Test Prep Difference