Corey “Joseph” Gumbert

A midwesterner who has lived, worked, and studied on five continents, Joseph graduated from high school in Singapore with top 1% standardized test scores. He then went onto the University of Virginia where he was a Critical Language Scholar and Boren Scholar.  Since 2016, Joseph has coached over 2,000 high school students towards their testing and admissions goals. Pedagogically, Joseph takes a targeted approach to ensure that his students are mastering previously missed concepts by breaking down these concepts into their most basic parts. Within his teaching, however, he also focuses on motivating and building self confidence in his students, helping them to visualize a clear and achievable path towards their goals.

Joseph’s previous students have gone on to gain admission (and sometimes great scholarships!) at MIT, Princeton, Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, Rice, Washington U (St. Louis), Auburn, Notre Dame, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, UT Austin, UVa, and many other great universities. Dozens of his students have even achieved top 1% scores like his. He is passionate about tutoring for standardized tests because he’s seen in real time the very tangible effects and influence a skilled teacher can have in the lives of students. Even more than having his students master academics, Joseph’s great joy is to see his students grow an inner strength and depth of thought they didn’t know was possible by overcoming difficult testing barriers.

With patience, adaptability, and an eagerness to understand people from diverse backgrounds, Joseph has been a go-to tutor for both foreign students and students with learning differences. Outside of test prep, Joseph seeks a simple life and can be found listening to country music, preparing traditional healthy recipes with his wife, taking his daughter to the zoo, making gains at the gym or calisthenics park, learning how to paint Orthodox icons, and cracking bad jokes that most people just don’t find very funny.