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Most colleges superscore the SAT.  Of the ones that don’t, the majority use score choice. There are a small number of schools with different policies, most notably a policy where you need to send all of your scores. 

More than half of all colleges superscore the ACT.  Like the SAT, the majority of those that don't use a score choice policy. Also like the SAT, some schools have different policies and ask that students send all of their scores.  You should always be sure to check the website of the colleges you're interested in to verify their policy.  You can also check this database that is usually kept up-to-date.

Texas students should note: neither Texas A&M in College Station nor the University of Texas at Austin superscores.  Texas A&M participates in score choice, while UT at Austin asks that you send all of your scores.  Southern Methodist University, Texas Christian University, and Baylor all superscore both the SAT and ACT.  Again, you should verify all colleges’ policies before deciding what scores you want to send to whom.

Score Choice

ACT recently announced enhancements to their superscore reporting: Superscores will now be automatically reported to colleges if students choose. This enhancement gives students a lot of advantages!  First, under the old system, a student would have needed to pay for each score report that they want considered for superscoring. Now they can send only one report and send all of the information at one time (and for one fee).  Second, although not all colleges superscore, colleges have shifted their perspective on scores to a generally more “supportive” one and tend to look at the highest individual section scores more, even if they don’t officially superscore.  ACT's implementation of the new superscore report supports college admissions officials' desire to look at scores that way.

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Score Choice and Superscoring

By Susan Powers

May 5, 2021

How Do Colleges Look at My Scores?
There are several policies colleges use to consider scores from multiple test dates.  The most common policies are score choice and superscoring.  Score choice means that the student can decide which test dates to send and thus suppress any that they would prefer not to send. Superscoring takes that one step further; the student sends all of the test dates with the highest section scores, and the college combines them to create a “superscore" with a composite calculated from those section scores.