Perspectives on the Digital SAT

Perspectives on the Digital SAT

Digital SAT Tests

Susan Powers, our Founder, recently served on an industry expert panel about the Digital SAT at the National Test Prep Association’s Winter Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana on December 13th. The panel included Mike Bergin – Chair of the Board of the National Test Prep Association, co-host of the popular college admissions podcast Test and the Rest, and President and Owner of Chariot Learning based in Rochester, New York; Lori Tofexis – SAT curriculum expert and Owner of Circle Test Prep based in Hollywood, Florida; and Brenna O’Neill (moderator) – President of Test Innovators, a leader in digital test preparation curriculum.

Below are a few of the important takeaways from the industry panel.

  1. Desmos is changing the way students will approach the math modules. It is the biggest change in decades.

2. But the biggest changes on the Digital SAT lie in the verbal modules. Check out how the verbal modules are structured and what that means for how you need to allocate your time!

Here at Woodlands Test Prep, we’ve been preparing for the Digital SAT for the last year: analyzing every aspect, building a world-class curriculum, and finding the best ways for students to approach it. We’re here to share what we’ve learned with you!

Congratulations Class of 2024 National Merit Semifinalists

Congratulations Class of 2024 National Merit Semifinalists

Classes From the Author

Woodlands Test Prep congratulates all students who have achieved Semifinalist status in the 2024 National Merit Scholarship Program.  All of these students have worked hard to reach the top levels of the scholarship program.  The Company especially congratulates the SIX students with whom it has worked with as they prepared for this scholarship competition including Jacob Daniels, Claire Jones, Vikram Kansal, Brooks McCoy, Daniel Milan, and Ryan Taylor.  Semifinalists will go on to compete for Finalist standing, and from there, become National Merit Scholars.  Woodlands Test Prep wishes these students all the best as they continue on in the competition.

The National Merit Scholarship Program honors individual students who show exceptional academic ability and potential for success in rigorous college studies.

Woodlands Test Prep hosts a “Goal 1600” class each summer to help National Merit hopeful students to prepare for their junior year PSAT.

Woodlands Test Prep, a Texas-based company, was founded in 2011 to help students and their families reach their potential on college admissions tests.  The Company has helped over 35 students over the last seven years achieve Semifinalist status.  The Company believes that taking these tests is a skill that can be learned and honed.  Woodlands Test Prep provides tutoring for academic subjects (all levels of math, science, history, and language arts) as well as the PSAT, SAT, ACT, SSAT, and ISEE in both a one-on-one setting and in a small class setting.  The Company’s philosophy can be summed up as “We teach. You Relax.”

Our Goal 1600 Class

Our Goal 1600 Class


Taking the SAT can be a real challenge. Trying to get a top score on the SAT is an even bigger challenge. Students aiming for these near-perfect scores have unique needs.

Our Goal 1600 class is specifically designed for students aiming for National Merit Semifinalist and top percentile SAT scores. This class goes quickly through the regular content and focuses then on strategy and practice for the hard questions. In order to help ensure students are in a class that best suits them, students must meet a minimum SAT score (or equivalent PSAT score) of 1300 to be admitted to the class.

According to Susan Powers: “Students in Texas are in an extremely competitive arena.  National Merit Semifinalists can only miss one or two questions per section of the test.” This means that error prevention is a main focus of the class, with strategies notably different from basic SAT strategies.  “When creating this class, I focused on what this specific group of students needs because this type of class isn’t available elsewhere in The Woodlands.”