Take A Practice Test At Home

We are happy to provide students the opportunity to take an official practice test at a time that is convenient for them.  Taking a practice test provides an important benchmark of your student’s performance and makes it easy to identify improvement areas.

Here are the easy steps to take one at home.

  • Request Test Materials

    Request your free test materials and we’ll send them to you!  Just fill out our form!

  • Prepare Your Test

    To take your practice ACT test, you’ll need a laptop or phone that can play the proctor video.  You’ll also need a calculator, a few pencils, and a quiet location!

    To take your Digital SAT, you’ll need a laptop or tablet, scratch paper and a pencil. A calculator is optional because there is a built-in calculator in the test.

  • Take The Test

    Click play on the video or click start on the test and begin!

  • Tell Us How It Goes

    We can help you asses whether the SAT or the ACT is a better fit and help you pinpoint areas for practice.

    Read here about how to choose between SAT and ACT!