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Will Bonney

The SAT and ACT are, at their heart, fascinating games, and there is nothing I love more than diving deep into a game with someone and helping them discover both their weaknesses and the strategies with which to overcome them.

I was a National Merit Scholar, and regularly take the SAT and ACT every year to stay current.  Over the past several years, my average scores have been a 1580 on the SAT and a 35 on the ACT.

Whether you need a sci-fi book recommendation, want a fun fact about 16th century London theater, want to hear about summiting Mount Kilimanjaro, or just need to learn how to never lose at Tic-Tac-Toe, I’m full of odd knowledge, so ask away!

My name is Will Bonney. I graduated in 2016 from Colby College in Maine with degrees in Psychology and Theater, with a particular focus on learning, memory, and cognition. 


I worked at a summer camp, Camp O-AT-KA, for over 5 years. I ran and coordinated cabins of boys ranging in age from 10 all the way up to 16.  I also headed up, at various points, the rock climbing and track activities, and taught a variety of other skills and crafts. I have also taught Chess, as well as other high level strategy games, to people of all levels, experiences, and goals.