Pam Mahalec

Hello, I am Pam Mahalec!

My passion is teaching, but I also enjoy the administrative side of education. I’ve literally taught every grade from Kindergarten to 12th grade. I am certified in Elementary Education, Special Education (all levels), Math (8th-12th), Business (6th-12th),  and Technology (6th-12th). My Master’s Degree is Educational Technology Leadership. 

I have tutored for many years at all levels, and I have previously worked at three different test prep companies, two where I tutored, and one where I presented an overview, along with tips and ideas. I homeschooled a student for the last 3 years of her high school.  I have taught in an Alaskan village and rural Nevada, as well as Spring ISD. For 2024-2025, I am teaching 6th grade at Spring Baptist Academy. 

I have two grown sons, and two awesome grandsons, but I live with my dog Bella, who thinks she’s in charge of our home. She’s not, but she loves to travel with me!

I am putting my educational background, my organizational skills, and my creativity to work to support Woodlands Test Prep. In addition, I will be proctoring SAT and ACT tests for students during Test Flight Club.  I’m so excited to be here!