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Test Flight Club

Practice like the real thing.

  • Take a practice test using official materials in a proctored environment, just like the real test.  Real practice provides the best benchmark for your student’s performance.  Pilots don’t just read about how to fly a plane!

  • Have the opportunity to participate in a two-hour group tutoring session directly afterward to discuss how the test went and get specific personal feedback on your test with one of our most experienced tutors.

How Regular Practice Helps

  • Taking additional proctored practice tests helps students who are anxious get comfortable and practice their mental game.
  • Students who need help staying focused on their practice can have a purposeful and informative environment to gain skills.
  • Students who are serious about raising their scores know that it takes many practice tests to achieve their goals!

Recently, we had a student improve their SAT score 600 points!

All Test Flight Clubs are on Saturdays

Test begins at 11:30am (10:00am for extended time) and ends at 3:30pm
Tutor feedback session lasts until 5:30pm

Location: Lucid Private Offices
2001 Timberloch Place, Suite 500
The Woodlands, TX 77380

Extended time proctoring available.  $50 fee.

Available Dates for Proctored Practice Test Opportunities:

May 20235/13
June 20236/3
July 20237/8
August 20238/12
September 20239/2
October 202310/14
November 202311/11
December 202312/2

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Extended Proctoring is an extra $50 fee.
“[My son] just got his results from his last test.  He scored very well!.  He is still planning on taking it 2 more times and we think these tests really help him succeed.”