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When should I take the ACT?

The ACT is given 7 times per year.

Seniors – Consider your college application deadlines.

  • September and October can work for seniors who want another chance to improve scores.  Most colleges accept these dates for early application deadlines. Check with your specific college to be sure.

Juniors – Make a plan at the beginning of the year.

  • Juniors who have completed Algebra II can begin testing in the fall. Junior year is very busy and prepping in summer or fall is smart!
  • Juniors taking Algebra II can wait until the spring, usually the April date.
  • Take your extracurricular schedule into account. When will my student’s schedule best accommodate eight weeks of 5-6 hours per week of prepping?

When should I begin studying?

With flexible schedules, we can get most students prepared in a short time if the student is willing to put in the preparation time.

Most students will benefit from a longer preparation time, meeting once per week for the eight weeks or so before their test date.

* Test Information Release dates have option to receive a pdf of test booklet, copy of answer sheet, and the correct answers 8-10 weeks after test date.

Here are the important dates!