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Woodlands Test Prep's academic tutors are the brightest and most passionate teachers out there.  

We offer academic tutoring in a wide range of subjects:


  • All levels of math -elementary math, pre-algebra, algebra I, geometry, algebra II, statistics, pre-calculus, through college level Calculus II
  • All levels of science - from elementary/junior high science to AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics
  • All levels of language arts - from elementary/junior high reading, writing, and language arts to AP English Language and Composition
  • All levels of social studies/history - from elementary/junior high social studies to AP US History, AP World History, AP Government, and AP Economics  


We can meet your student in a variety of flexible locations, including your home, coffee shops, or virtually via a computer.  


We understand students have busy schedules.  We offer flexible tutoring schedules to work seamlessly with your student's schedule.  


We match the tutor to your student with intention.  Many of our tutors are well versed in several subjects, many times allowing you to work with the same thoughtfully paired tutor every time.  Tutoring over time allows the tutor to learn your student's learning style and deliver the most effective lessons.

Algebra II got you down?  Biology feeling a little overwhelming?  Need help with any specific class?  


We're now forming small groups

for class support!


Join a weekly group tutoring class for 3 - 5 students geared to your specific class.  We can help you absorb the material and get ready for tests as they come up.

$199/month for one-hour weekly group session 



Our goal is to create long-term connections.

Let us find the right tutor for you. 


Contact us

here or by phone, and an actual human being will contact you!  


Woodlands Test Prep is a locally owned business.  We've been helping students for over 10 years. 


Our select group of tutors are background checked and, most importantly, have demonstrated the superior teaching skills and passion necessary to be part of the Woodlands Test Prep Team.

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