Bindu Chakravarty

Test Prep Tutor

Hi, My Name is Bindu Chakravarty. I am a current HCCS professor of Chemistry. Though I find it hard to talk about myself and my accomplishments, I will try my best to give you some flavor. 

I consider myself an educator and mentor. I do not take struggle and failure as being negative. The best moment for me is when I see the twinkle in the eyes of my students when they get a hard to grasp concept.  My battle with Leukemia made me realize that. During my innumerable stays at MD Anderson my love for science kept me going. I used to search the chemical structures of the medications given to me and researched how things worked. I never quit my teaching job and held web conferences from my hospital bed few times.  My battle with cancer and overcoming the hard time with the help of many filled me with new energy and enthusiasm for teaching and learning and now I want to teach to those who want to reach new levels of success.  Inspired by some great teachers in my life, I believe I can help such students accomplish their goals.


Beside teaching Chemistry, I love cooking, gardening, writing short stories, singing and composing songs.  I love to spend time with my grandkids aged 5 and 2 to get their young mind interested in Science and Math through looking at common examples in nature around us. My motto is when going gets tough, tough gets going. I was given NISOD award for excellence in teaching, taught STEM program during summer of 2015 to high school students. Experimenting is part of my daily life. What I understand from my experience is that learning is a matter of right attitude.