Counselor’s Corner

Whew!  Not only do you need to know all of the stuff on this page, but you also need to know about and plan for administering a new digital test and advising students on how to navigate all the upcoming twists and turns.

For the best and most up to date information on the nitty gritty of administering the PSAT or School Day SAT, the College Board Counselor webpage is the best source.  We’ve been attending their webinars on all the changes and they’re really helpful!

In terms of advising the Class of 2025 on how to approach testing, we see three basic tracks.

  1. Take the ACT and avoid all the stress.  Whether students start testing in the fall or spring, the ACT has the most vetted and abundant practice resources for the coming years.

2. If students are ready to test and available to prep over the summer / early fall, take the Paper SAT and plan to be finished by December.  This option gives students four testing opportunities, compared with only two “good” dates in the spring.  (May SAT is usually problematic due to AP testing.)


3. Students not ready to start testing in fall can follow the traditional plan of taking both the PSAT (in digital format this year) and a mock ACT to see which test is better and then begin testing in the spring.

Lots of new territory to navigate for the Digital PSAT administration.  Here is the College Board’s page for in-school testing!

Below are all the test dates for the 2023-2024 academic year.  Feel free to right click and save!