Decision Tool

The usual way of deciding which test to take is to compare your scores on a practice ACT and a practice SAT.  The advent of the Digital SAT in 2023/2024 has made that a little more complicated for the class of 2025.  The below chart can help you walk through the decision process.

The big questions for the class of 2025 to consider are:

  • What math class are you taking as a sophomore?
  • Are you going for National Merit consideration in 2023?
  • Do you have a super busy fall semester?
  • Is your ACT score reasonably close to your SAT score?

The big idea for the class of 2025 is to strongly consider the ACT as the test to focus on for your junior year.  The ACT will be the same test that it has been for the last many decades for the foreseeable future.  You can start testing in the fall in the ACT format and then just keep on rolling through the early part of your senior year for re-testing.  Plus – and this is so important – there is a huge amount of high quality ACT test prep material and released ACT tests.  The availability of high quality Digital Adaptive SAT practice material will be thinner.  If you can start testing in the fall, we suggest that you aim for the ACT unless the SAT is a much stronger test for you.

Here are all the test dates for the academic year 2023-2024.  Feel free to right click and download!


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