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Prep Process

  • We teach an array of strategies, helping your student choose the strategies that work best.
  • Our curriculum covers:
    • Overview of the test,
    • Global PSAT/SAT or ACT strategies, and
    • Targeted content mastery.


  • We cover all the material over 8 two-hour sessions for SAT or ACT, 7 sessions for the PSAT.
  • While we generally meet once a week, we can extend or condense that timing according to your student's needs.
  • Students who want signficant content area tutoring can allow additional time for additional sessions and practice.  
  • Mastery of the SAT, ACT, or PSAT requires practice, like learning any new skill; your student will have 20-30 minutes of individualized and targeted practice every day.
  • Your student will take a minimum of three practice tests:
    • One before we begin, in order to focus our work together,
    • One about midway,
    • One about a week before the test date.


Susan Powers, founder, has developed our strategies and curriculum over 12+ years of tutoring.

  • We use only College Board or ACT materials for timed practice. For targeted skill-building, we use only hand-selected materials from top-rated and personally tested publishers.

  • Our curriculum and tutors take a toolbox approach, fitting the best strategies to the student.

  • Since different materials work better for different students, we match the books your students uses to his or her needs.


One-on-one, full preparation

Fees for one-on-one tutoring for full preparation (8 two-hour sessions), includes custom-selected teaching and practice materials for your student.

  • SAT - $1,999
  • ACT - $1,999
  • PSAT - $1,749

Group of two or three students

If you'd like to gather a small group to work together, we offer a $400 discount per student. Groups of two or three students can work really well as students motivate each other and help with questions in between sessions, plus it can make it more fun!

Brush-up specials

If your student just needs one or a few sessions to brush up on test strategies or particular content areas, we can help with that too -- $250 per two-hour session.

There's also the classroom...

We also offer tutoring in a classroom setting.  Click here to learn more about upcoming SAT and ACT classes!

Taking the PSAT, SAT, and ACT is a skill that can be learned and polished.

We teach test-taking strategies and target a student's focus areas for math and grammar skills. 

With practice, all students can improve their scores!

When should my student begin studying?

With flexible schedules, we can get most students prepared in a short time, if the student is willing to put in the preparation time.


Most students will benefit from a longer preparation time, meeting once per week for the eight weeks or so before their test date.


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