Adel Rakha

My name is Adel Rakha. I am a mechanical engineer with a degree in mechanical engineering from Alexandria University and a degree in mechanical engineering technology from Indiana State University.  Being an engineer, I love math and physics!  Since  high school, I have helped many friends and students with math and physics. When I graduated in 2001, I continued helping and tutoring others in math and physics, while working towards my engineering license.My best moments are when I have someone who is failing a class, and we work together for a few weeks, and then he or she changes to become an excellent student. Math is a treat and can be a treat for everyone.I have been tutoring since 2001 part time, and in 2020, I shifted careers and became a certified full-time teacher at Waltrip High School in Houston. I love it and  wish I did that long time ago!  At Waltrip, I teach engineering and STAAR math review.  I also help with our school robotics team, the Rambotics!I enjoy challenging my mind and love to test for math any time it’s possible.In my free time, I enjoy cooking and reading about robotics and AI , which is taking over the world.  I also enjoy playing soccer and chess.