Digital Structure

The Digital Adaptive SAT Suite (SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, PSAT 8/9) all have the same format.

After a brief start-up at the test center, students will begin with the first Verbal module which has 27 questions in a mix of easy, medium, and hard difficulty levels.  After the first Verbal module, students will move directly to the second Verbal module (also 27 questions) which will adapt its question difficulty to the student’s achievement on the first module.  In this way, the adaptive nature of the test precisely targets the student’s achievement on the Verbal section.  

After a 10-minute break, students will move to the first Math module (22 questions) which operates in much the same way: students will encounter a mix of easy, medium, and hard questions.  Then, the second Math module (also 22 questions) will adapt its difficulty level to the student’s achievement on the first module.

Each Verbal and Math module has two pre-test questions which are not counted for scoring purposes; they are used to evaluate questions for future tests.

Each verbal section groups questions in categories: vocabulary, function and support, grammar, and rhetorical goals.  Each math section covers similar topics to today’s SAT, including Algebra I & II, Data Analysis, and Geometry & Trigonometry.  Questions on each Math module will progress from easy to hard.  25% of the Math questions will be “grid-ins” and will be interspersed with the multiple-choice questions.  Students will have access to Desmos during both Math modules; using it changes the testing experience significantly.